About Paul

My name is Paul Rubin. I am originally from Houston, Texas and have resided in the Bay Area since 2009. With my growing family, I plan to be in the Bay Area for the distant foreseeable future. I believe it can be a great place to live, affording many professional and personal opportunities, while also providing the potential for building community and cultivating a meaningful and happy life.

When I first moved to the Bay Area, I pursued becoming a therapist, but took a detour into the financial services industry as a financial planner. I found my way back to my calling. I have a deep passion and purpose for helping people in the practice of psychotherapy. My experience includes working with children and young adults on the Autism spectrum, children in the public school system, people at a homeless shelter, adults in a private practice modality, families in a community health clinic, and the elderly population in a long-term care facility.

Throughout all of my experiences, I have learned much about the vast suffering we encounter as humans and the power of joining one another in our expression of such experiences. By getting to know and learning about other people as a therapist, I have also learned much about myself. This can have a healing quality for all parties involved. I have experienced this being a client as well. My hope is to continue with this practice for those who choose to work with me.

When I work with clients, my intention is to embrace the unknown and unfolding of the therapeutic process together. I believe the crux of anxiety is the uncertainty of life and to revisit difficult memories with someone you learn to trust while embracing this uncertainty can be healing and transformative. I know from my own experience that learning about oneself in this process, while anxiety-provoking, can be illuminating and liberating, providing one with more of a sense of stability and choice. My intention and hope when working with those I serve is to help them discover more self-awareness in order to be who they are and are meant to be.