My approach to therapy is to embrace the unknown. When I work with someone, I believe it is most important to keep in mind that they know themselves better than I do. Furthermore, I believe we tend to not realize that we actually know more about ourselves than we may initially think we do, but may just need to cultivate our own empowerment through self-awareness in relationship to a trusted other in order to recognize this.

I am an integrative clinician with various frameworks in mind, such as Analytical Psychology (also known as Jungian), Psychodynamic, Existential-Humanistic, Somatic, and Relational. 

People may come to therapy focused on a specific issue, but sometimes, more is revealed in the process that was not known from the outset of what other issues there may be. Provided that, below is a list of issues I encounter when working with clients. This list is not exhaustive and may not include something that could come up in the course of therapy.

Working with adults and couples:

Anger management


Bipolar disorder - including inflation



Identity issues

Life transitions

Men's issues


Personality disorders

Relationship issues

Self esteem

Spirituality - including spiritual emergence or emergency (with psychosis)


Trauma and PTSD

50 minute session fee: $125